Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Douglas County Republican Caucus

The Douglas County Republican Caucus will be held in a location near your precinct on Tuesday, February 23, 2016 between 5 and 9 PM (actual times to be announced later).

A caucus is a presidential preference poll, a precinct meeting, and a chance to elect or become a delegate to the 2016 Douglas County Republican Convention on Saturday March 26, 2016 to help author resolutions and platform planks. These documents define the policies our Republican party stands for.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

What they're saying about the tax increase: Storey County

A Resolution recognizing members of the Nevada Assembly and Senate who honored the platform and principles of the Nevada Republican Party and their campaign promises to constituents; and,

A Resolution expressing the Storey County Republican Central Committee’s profound disappointment and loss of confidence in those state officers and legislators who violated the Republican Party Platform and principles by their support for the largest tax increase in State history.


WHEREAS the platforms of the Nevada State and Storey County Republican Central Committees state that members of the Party believe in limited government and fiscal responsibility, “oppose the practice of extending sun‐set tax legislation”; and “ the current Nevada constitutional prohibition on personal income tax, and the same prohibition must continue to apply to business. Gross receipts taxes and selective taxes on specific businesses will ultimately drive business away from our state;”

WHEREAS on March 28, 2015 the Nevada Republican Central Committee approved a resolution for fiscal responsibility and against raising taxes in response to the budget proposal put before the 2015 State Legislative Session by the Governor;

WHEREAS Nevada voters in 2014 overwhelmingly voted against the adoption of a gross receipts tax on businesses in the State: statewide 79% voted “NO;” in Storey County 86% voted “NO;”

WHEREAS the Platform of the Nevada Republican Central Committee explicitly states, “We strongly support those in public office who resist higher taxes and fees, and seek to reduce the size, cost and scope of government at all levels;” and,

WHEREAS the Nevada Republican Central Committee’s March resolution explicitly states that, “...any Republican Legislator who votes for such a budget [that raises taxes] will lose the confidence and support of the Nevada Republican Party for squandering this golden opportunity to move our state back in the right direction;”

BE IT RESOLVED that the Storey County Republican Central Committee thanks and commends the following Nevada State Legislators who honored their commitment to their Constituents, who upheld the Platforms of the Nevada and Story County Republican Central Committees, and who voted to protect Republican Principles of Fiscal Responsibility and Limited Government and against raising taxes:

In the Assembly we Thank & Commend:
Jill Dickman, Chris Edwards, John Ellison, Michele Fiore, Ira Hansen, Brent Jones, Victoria Seaman,
Shelly Shelton, Robin Titus, and Jim Wheeler

In the Senate we Thank & Commend:
Pete Goicoechea, Don Gustavson, James Settelmeyer

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Storey County Republican Central Committee expresses its profound disappointment and loss of confidence with those elected State Officers and Legislators who turned their backs to the taxpayers of Nevada and to Storey County Republicans by abdicating their pledge to Republican Principles and the Platform of the Party and who proposed and who voted to approve more than $1.3 Billion in new taxes – the single largest tax increase in the history of the State of Nevada. This list includes:

State Officers:
Governor Brian Sandoval

State Assembly:
Paul Anderson Derek Armstrong David Gardner John Hambrick

State Senate:
Greg Brower Patricia Farley Scott Hammond
Pat Hickey Randy Kirner Erv Nelson
P.K. O’Neill James Oscarson
Joe Hardy Becky Harris Ben Kieckhefer
Steve Silberkraus Lynn Stewart
Glen Trowbridge Melissa Woodbury
Mark Lipparelli Michael Roberson

(Assemblywoman Vicki Dooling and Assemblyman John Moore are also recognized as ardent supporters of the Party Platform and Republican Principles through the 2015 Legislative Session, but were unable to be attendance for the actual vote on Governor Sandoval’s tax increases.)

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Storey County Republican Central Committee shall communicate and distribute this Resolution publicly.
Unanimously approved by the Storey County Republican Central Committee 2nd Quarter Regular Meeting, June 8, 2015  SCRCC‐R20150608

Saturday, July 25, 2015

First in the West Presidential Roundup Joins Forces With Morning in America PAC for the Laxalt Inaugural Basque Fry

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – First in the West Presidential Roundup Joins Forces With Morning in America PAC for the Laxalt Inaugural Basque Fry

MINDEN, NV – July 25, 2015 – The Nevada Republican Alliance is pleased to announce we have joined forces with Nevada Attorney General Adam Laxalt’s Morning in Nevada PAC to present the Inaugural Basque Fry at the Corley Ranch in Gardnerville, Nevada on August 15, 2015 from 11am - 3pm.

The Nevada Republican Alliance and Morning in Nevada originally conceived and planned the First in the West Presidential Roundup (FITWPR) and the Inaugural Basque Fry as two different events, each offering a unique experience for Nevada voters.

As planning got underway, staff realized that holding two presidential events in the same month would create challenges for attendees candidates. Staff for both events met and joined forces to ensure success of the Basque Fry August 15th.

Some candidates that had committed to speak at the FITWPR have rescheduled to attend the Inaugural Basque Fry. We encourage all candidates not already committed to the Basque Fry to take advantage of this exceptional opportunity and attend.

Earlier today, our ticketing manager completed issuing full refunds to those that had purchased tickets to the FITWPR. Refunds will be credited directly to the credit cards used to purchase tickets.
We encourage those who had planned on attending the FITWPR to purchase tickets and enjoy the Inaugural Basque Fry. This is likely to be one of the best opportunities to meet the broadest field of Republican presidential candidates in one location this entire election cycle. Tickets and information are available here:

About Adam Laxalt: Adam Laxalt is the 33rd Attorney General of Nevada and the youngest attorney general in the United States when he took office. He is the grandson of former Nevada Governor and U.S. Senator Paul Laxalt. Trained by the US Navy as a prosecutor and legal advisor, Adam served his country as a Judge Advocate General. AG Laxalt graduated Magna Cum Laude from Georgetown University and also graduated from the Georgetown University Law Center.

Morning in Nevada PAC Point of Contact: Robert Uithoven,
About The Nevada Republican Alliance: A joint project of the Nevada Republican Party and the Douglas County Republican Central Committee. We are an official sub-committee formed to plan, organize, and execute the First in the West Presidential Roundup. The Nevada Republican Party represents the 474,453 registered Republicans in Nevada.

Nevada Republican Alliance Point of Contact: Shawn Meehan, Media Relations Director,

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Nevada Republican Party Acts to Repeal Largest Tax Increase in Nevada History

PRESS RELEASE June 23, 2015
Nevada Republican Party

The citizens of this great country started a Revolution in 1773 by throwing tea into the Boston Harbor to protest “Taxation without Representation”. A new Revolution has begun in the state of Nevada for the same reason.

On November 4, 2014, nearly 80% of Nevada’s voters said NO to Question 3, The Education Initiative, which was a margins tax based on a business’s gross receipts.  Just 72 days later, during his State of the State address on January 15, 2015, Governor Brian Sandoval proposed a $7.3 Billion budget to be funded with roughly $1 Billion in new taxes. The proposed tax package included a new Commerce Tax based on business’s gross receipts.

On June 1, 2015, the Nevada legislature passed SB483. This bill made permanent the “sunset taxes”, a package of  taxes passed in 2009 based on the promise that they were temporary and would sunset in 2011. These “temporary” taxes have been continuously extended since their enactment. The legislature increased the amount of these taxes, and also added new taxes to the bill, including a version of the gross receipts tax rejected by 80% of Nevada voters – the very definition of  “Taxation without Representation.”

The Nevada Republican Party (NRP), supported by many of Nevada’s county GOP parties, views the passage of SB483 as a breach of our legislator’s representation of the citizens of this state. Many of the legislators who supported the tax increases found it helpful to identify with the Republican platform of limited government and fiscal responsibility while campaigning, yet turned their back on that platform and the express will of the voters once elected.

The NRP is tasked with increasing Republican voter registration and maximizing voter turnout in support of Republican candidates. When some legislators pretend to support the GOP platform to get elected, and then vote to support the Democrat agenda once in office, they deprive Nevada Republicans of their representation, and force the party to take action to protect Nevada voters.
First, the NRP is forming a special committee to support efforts to place a referendum on the 2016 ballot to repeal the tax increases that were imposed against the will of Nevada voters. This committee will coordinate with other groups that are working on a referendum, such as NV80 and the We Decide Coalition in a unified effort to allow the voter’s voice to be heard.

Additionally, the NRP will not support the re-election in 2016 of those legislators who failed to represent the voters. The special committee will also cooperate with local groups seeking recall of Senators that supported the tax increase whose terms extend beyond 2016.  

Finally, the NRP will support the Republican legislators who did support their constituents in the 2015 legislative session, and will recruit and support candidates to join them who will represent Nevadans honestly. By keeping the promises made in their campaigns once in office, these legislators will help restore voter’s faith in the Republican Party.

The special committee in charge of the statewide effort will be chaired by Carolyn Howell. Mrs. Howell can be contacted at

Saturday, June 20, 2015

What they're saying about the tax increase: The Nevada Republican Party

As the 78th Session of the Nevada Legislature ends, the Nevada Republican Party is extremely disappointed that SB483, the largest tax increase in Nevada history, was passed by the Assembly in a 30-10 vote, ratified by the Senate by a vote of 18-3 and is headed to the Governor’s desk to be signed into law.

Even more disappointing is that this deplorable development was only possible with the help of several Republican legislators who voted in opposition to the platform of their own party and against the will of Nevada voters, who overwhelmingly rejected tax increases at the ballot box last November. These legislators had been presented numerous options for reducing spending from various sources, including the Wheeler-Knecht ‘Balanced Plan for Growth’ proposal. This plan was endorsed by the Nevada Republican Party in March via this resolution, and would have allowed increased funding for education without raising taxes.

Despite Nevada voters overwhelmingly rejecting a proposed Gross Margin Tax proposal at the polls last November, with nearly 80% of the voting public voting against the tax, many similar provisions to the Gross Margin Tax were included in SB483, thinly disguised as a “Commerce Tax”. Nevadans were also reminded of the duplicity of the political class, as the “temporary” taxes which were enacted in 2009, and which have already been extended twice, were made permanent in law as part of SB483. As Milton Friedman famously said, “There is nothing so permanent as a temporary government program”, and voters would do well to remember that government never enacts “temporary” taxes, regardless of what they say to get the votes.

Nevada GOP Vice Chairman Jim DeGraffenreid today stated, “Nevada voters elected a Republican majority to both the Assembly and Senate with a mandate to ensure that the message of fiscal responsibility was carried forward to the legislative session. Unfortunately, some of those Republican legislators who rode the ‘red wave’ into office failed to heed that mandate, and Nevada citizens will now pay the price for their lack of principles and leadership."

Nevada GOP Nominations Committee Chairman Rob Tyree later added, “Since the passage of SB483, many voters have said that they will no longer support the Republican Party, nor vote for Republican candidates, because they feel betrayed by those who claimed to support Republican principles but then voted against those ideals. The Nevada Republican Party would like to remind these voters that the Candidates endorsed by the party did a great job of supporting Republican principles overall. Over 90% of the candidates endorsed by the party voted against increased taxation and government.”

Although their efforts were ultimately unsuccessful, the Nevada Republican Party would like to sincerely thank the Republican legislators in the Nevada Assembly and Senate who stood firm in supporting the will of Nevada citizens and the Nevada Republican Party Platform by voting against SB483. Those legislators deserve support for honoring the will of their constituents in the face of tremendous pressure to do otherwise.

The legislators who voted to protect Nevada taxpayers and honor their commitment to Republican principles of limited government and fiscal responsibility are:
Jill Dickman *
Chris Edwards *
John Ellison *
Michele Fiore *
Ira Hansen *
Brent Jones *
Victoria Seaman *
Shelly Shelton *
Robin Titus *
Jim Wheeler *
Pete Goicoechea
Don Gustavson *
James Settelmeyer *

The Nevada GOP would also like to note its support for Assembly members Vicki Dooling* and John Moore, who have been ardent opponents of this tax increase but were regrettably not in attendance for the actual vote.

This is not the time to abandon these committed legislators - it's time to commit to their re-election, and to recruit and elect other like minded candidates to help them in the next session.

The Nevada Republican Party is not a group of legislators who found it convenient to run for office as Republicans, campaigning on Republican principles and then voting against those principles once elected. The Republican Party is 474,000 registered Republicans all across this great state who believe in the Republican platform of limited government, individual opportunity and fiscal responsibility.

If you agree, please join us - find information here on your local county party, sign up to volunteer to help elect true Republicans in 2016, or commit to a small monthly donation to help us identify, register and turn out conservatives to vote in 2016 and keep Nevada red!

(* Indicates that the legislator participated in Nevada Republican Party candidate vetting and endorsement process and received a recommendation for endorsement from the Nevada GOP Nominations Committee.)

Release Source: Nevada Republican Party

What they're saying about the tax increases: Nye County

NCRCC Executive Committee acts regarding fraud and betrayal by Brian Sandoval and James Oscarson

Resolution Concerning Governor Brian Sandoval and Assemblyman James Oscarson DEFRAUDING Republicans and violating Republican Principles & Platforms

Resolution Excommunicating Republicans Who Voted For Largest Tax Increase in Nevada History

WHEREAS, the Republican Party is the party of limited government and fiscal responsibility;

WHEREAS, Nevada voters overwhelmingly defeated the Margins Tax in November, 2014;

WHEREAS, Governor Brian Sandoval campaigned relentlessly against new business taxes while his staff wrote the largest tax increase in Nevada history;

WHEREAS, Assemblyman James Oscarson came before the Nye County Central Committee and promised not to vote for any new taxes;

WHEREAS, Nye County Republicans spent their time, effort, energy and money to help get Governor Brian Sandoval and Assemblyman James Oscarson re-elected;

WHEREAS, Nye County voters were defrauded by Governor Brian Sandoval and James Oscarson via their support of principles and platforms in direct conflict with the Republican Party;

WHEREAS, on March 28, 2015 The Nevada Republican Central Committee unanimously passed a Resolution of Fiscal Responsibility;

BE IT RESOLVED that Governor Brian Sandoval and Assemblyman James Oscarson, due their betrayal of the trust and responsibility to Republicans, have made themselves unwelcome to enjoy the privilege of being honorary members of the Nye County Republican Central Committee;

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that Governor Brian Sandoval and Assemblyman James Oscarson no longer have the support of the Nye County Republican Central Committee;

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Nye County Republican Central Committee encourages Republicans in Nye County and throughout Nevada to withhold any future support from Brian Sandoval and James Oscarson in any future elections.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Nye County Republican Central Committee shall distribute this resolution publicly.

Approved on June the 6th, 2015 by the Executive Committee of the Nye County Republican Central Committee

What they're saying about the tax increase: Carson City

The view from one of our neighboring and sister RCCs.  What do you think?

Statement on Tax Increase Legislation
by Carson City Republican Central Committee Executive Board 

Nevada's 2015 Legislature passed Gov. Sandoval's record setting tax increase including a renamed Margin's Tax after 80% of the voters said "No" to it.  The legislators increased the size of government and scope of its control over our lives.  These actions are contrary to Republican Party principles, platforms, endorsement process, and campaign pledges made by a majority of these legislators.
When elected officials feel free to blatantly contravene the clear, unambiguous voice of the voters of Nevada, we the people must take action.  The Carson City Republican Central Committee Executive Board hereby notifies our elected leadership that we will pursue all options to the fullest extent. 
1)    We support and will circulate a referendum to submit the Governor's budget to a vote of the people so we may repeal the tax increase.
2)    We endorse and will circulate the recall petition for our state senator, Ben Kieckhefer.  We encourage other districts with legislators who voted for the tax increaseto do the same.
3)    We seek a candidate who will uphold Republican principles and our platform to replace our current assemblyman, P.K. O'Neill.
To participate in these actions please call our volunteer line at 775-841-1800, and watch our website for updates.  See the Nevada Republican Party web site for actions being taken by other counties (

Friday, June 19, 2015

Assemblyman touts effort to overturn tax hikes

by Kurt Hildebrand

Minden, Nev. — An effort to overturn the tax increases approved by the Nevada Legislature last session is gathering steam, Gardnerville Assemblyman Jim Wheeler told Carson Valley business leaders on Wednesday.
Wheeler and Sen. James Settelmeyer, R-Minden, offered an update on the 2015 Legislature at the Carson Valley Chamber of Commerce luncheon at the CVIC Hall.
Neither man voted for the legislation, called the largest tax increase in Nevada history by opponents.
He referred people to the web site, which is the political action committee out of Carson City, which is working to repeal the margins tax. The 80 refers to the 80 percent of Nevada voters who opposed a larger margins tax in the November election.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Learn more about legislation that passed this session?

The Douglas County Republican Women's regular meeting is on July 1 at CVI. Doors open at 11:00 AM. Reservations email, or 265-1753, cost is $20 with reservations, $25 walk-ups at the door.

Geoff Lawrence, Assistant State Controller, will talk about passed legislation (He was recommended by Jim Wheeler.   Geoff was the architect of the Knecht-Wheeler budget.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

GOP Las Vegas councilman Bob Beers drops bid for U.S. Senate

The Associated Press

Republican Las Vegas City Councilman Bob Beers says he’s dropping his long-shot bid for the U.S. Senate seat being vacated by Democratic Sen. Harry Reid.  Click here for the rest of the story

A look at Nevada's potential 2016 U.S. Senate candidates

Michelle Rindels and Riley Snyder
Associated Press

As seen in the Nevada Appeal

After Nevada Republican Gov. Brian Sandoval announced Tuesday that he wouldn’t seek the Senate seat soon to be vacated by Democratic Sen. Harry Reid, the race is starting to come into sharper focus.

Here’s a look at some of the names that were discussed as potential contenders for the seat, and where they stand leading up to the 2016 election:

Former Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto, a Democrat, announced shortly after Reid’s retirement that she would run for his seat, and she has his vocal support.
“We have a winner in Catherine Cortez Masto,” the Senate Democratic leader told reporters in Washington on Tuesday. “She’s a wonderful longtime Nevadan, and in fact lifetime Nevadan, and it doesn’t matter who runs against her. She’s going to be just fine.”
Cortez Masto served two terms as attorney general before a brief stint as the executive vice chancellor of the Nevada System of Higher Education.

With the widely popular Sandoval not an option, three-term GOP Rep. Joe Heck is Republicans’ top choice. The one-star general and military doctor said he was already thinking hard about entering the race before Sandoval made his announcement.
“I appreciate the outpouring of support and encouragement,” Heck said in a statement on Tuesday. “We’ll make an announcement very soon.”
In prior interviews, the Henderson Republican said he was weighing factors including having to spend more time away from his family and give up his position on important House subcommittees.