Friday, September 3, 2010

Sharron Angle Draws Democrats to Her Campaign

By Shawn Meehan, Photos by Angela Refsland

Tuesday morning, Sharron Angle, Republican U.S. Senate Candidate from Nevada, held a campaign meeting at “88 Cups of Coffee,” in Minden, Nevada.  The weather at seven in the morning was approximately 40° as people equipped themselves with that essential hot cup of coffee.  The cold did not put off the vast majority of an estimated one-hundred attendees from staying for the entire two hours of the outdoor event.

As I mingled in the crowd collecting notes for this article, what seemed surprisingly odd to me was that I met four registered Democrats that showed up to listen to Sharron.  Each told me they had been lifelong Democrats and two said they had never voted for a Republican before.  What was the reason given for considering Sharron?  They were disgusted with Senator Reid’s performance in office, especially his support of President Obama’s radical agenda.

From the start, Mrs. Angle’s message of appropriate and constitutional role of the Federal Government drew applause from the early morning crowd.  When asked by the moderator to tell the story about how she first got interested in politics, her answer caused the loudest appreciation of the morning.  Sharron told the crowd, “…what happened is the government got between us and our children.”  Sharron had begun homeschooling her son after he had had difficulty in preschool.  She achieved remarkable success, as he has gone on to graduate at the top of his class in high school, have a successful college career, now a high school teacher himself.

Since I've gotten to know about Sharron, this education story stands out as one of her strongest selling points.  Can anyone argue the basic human nature of a mother protecting her child and how that positively impacts the greater good of our country?  The legal system in the State of Nevada tried to, ultimately being proven wrong, prevent Mrs. Angle from homeschooling her son.  She took her battle to the Nevada Legislature, and her future in politics was sealed when this loving mother was rebuffed by a politician that felt he had more important and better things to do than listen to The People.  This is the light in which Sharron’s desire to eliminate the Department of Education (DOE) should be considered.

Many, including me, feel that the DOE is one of many functions clearly not delegated to the Federal Government under The U.S. Constitution’s Enumerated Powers.  However, the point being, that any objective look into the educational performance of America’s schools shows a steady decline as control, and funding, was drawn into Washington D.C. in the wake of the DOE’s creation.  So, not only does the Constitution support eliminating the DOE, but so does simple common sense.  I think Sharron sees all children as the future of our country and strongly believes the DOE harms the quality of their education.

Sharron is becoming a focused and poised candidate after a surprising come-from-behind victory earlier this year in the Nevada Republican Primary.  Many felt she got a slow start towards November once Republicans chose her as their standard bearer.  During the event this morning I was able to speak with a few of her campaign staff and got a sense that her campaign is becoming well-defined and focused in its objectives.  It seems like the running joke among her staff is a minor frustration with the fact that their candidate enjoys shaking every hand and answering every question, making their jobs very challenging to get Sharron to her next event.

As I was listening to Mrs. Angle’s presentation I was reminded of our Douglas County Candidate’s Convention several months ago where Sharron was very generous and gave me an hour one-on-one to discuss specific issues.  I recall being very hard on her and her answers being very direct, understandable positions that I mostly agree with.  I was also reminded how prior to the primary, Mrs. Angle had not been my choice, but how her patience and persistence had convinced me to support her.  Sharron came from far behind, initially polling in single digits, to surpass the other two front-running primary candidates, and surprised many people by winning the Nevada Republican Primary.  That Sharron's campaign has achieved success with this grassroots approach conveys a very clear message that she intends to represent The People.

I encourage those not currently supporting Sharron to research the facts.  Her growing appeal, steadfastness, and strength of character in the face of inaccurate attacks tells a story.  With the information available today it is not too difficult to find out where candidates stand on the issues, however, it is difficult to assess a candidate’s personal integrity.  I personally agree with Mrs. Angle on the majority of her platform, but what struck me more than anything as I shook her hand and looked into her eyes, was sincerity.  Sharron Angle stands the best chance of representing Nevadans and working to right the tilting ship that is the United States of America.

Mrs. Angle pointed out that her opponent plans to compile vast campaign donations from across the country.  Sharron politely asked us to give what we could to support her campaign, but more than that, she asked us to help her spread the word one person at a time.  Times are tough for many Americans and even if you do not blame Democrats for the current economy, there is no doubt that their actions have prevented, or at least delayed, any recovery.  Mrs. Angle shows the discipline and focus necessary to join with other Conservatives in Congress next year to rein in out-of-control spending and start America down the long road to recovery.  After you finish your research, talk to your friends and family and spread the word.  After that, ask them to spread the word, then talk to a few more people, rinse and repeat, then vote your conscience in November.

Shawn Meehan and Angela Refsland are both members of the Douglas County Republican Central committee.

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