Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Resolution Demands Nevada Senator William Raggio Resign As Minority Leader

(Press Release: Gardnerville, Nevada): The Douglas County, Nevada Republican Central Committee (DCRCC) announces that Douglas, and several other Nevada Republican Central Committees, unanimously passed a formal resolution admonishing Nevada State Senator William J. Raggio and demanding his immediate resignation of his position as Nevada Senate Minority Leader.

America has entered into an era of renewed involvement in the political process.  The People have found their voice and continue to take back their government by holding their elected leaders accountable.  Republicans across America demand our elected leaders respect the Conservative principles they pledged to stand for. 

The text of the DCRCC resolution as passed:

"WHEREAS Senate Minority Leader Bill Raggio's recent statements in support of Senator Harry Reid and Senator Raggio’s recent legislative performance clearly demonstrate a failure to keep faith with Republican principles, and display a profound disrespect for the implicit moral covenant between elected officials and their constituents to perform honorably, and

WHEREAS Senator Raggio has already shown his disregard toward the wishes of the Republican Party in the state of Nevada by the setting aside of our party platform in voting to override the governor's veto for a major tax increase in the last legislative session, therefore

BE IT RESOLVED... that the Douglas County Republican Central Committee demands that Senator Raggio immediately resign his position as Senate Minority Leader, or that if he fails to do so the Republican Senate Caucus remove Senator Raggio from his leadership roles prior to the next legislative session."

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