Wednesday, February 9, 2011

One of The Silent Majority Speaks Out

Editors Note: A friend of mine, who until now has been a member of the Silent Majority, received an e-mail from a military academy classmate. The classmate quoted from a "reliable" source, the White House Blog, that if Obamacare were to be repealed, dire things would occur to everyone in the country.  Well, this member of the Silent Majority spoke up.  Here is his e-mail reply to his friend.

Walt Nowosad


I get involved in political issues, only rarely, and then not openly. However, this is one issue upon which I must comment.

First of all, regardless of whether there are any merits to Obamacare or not, there is one single and most compelling issue that trumps everything and that is the Constitution of the United States of America. Nowhere in it is the Congress given any right to produce a bill that requires U.S. Citizens to buy anything, let alone, health insurance.

We are endowed with the freedom to choose or not choose whatever form of health insurance we desire. It has to be our decision not some bureaucrat sitting in Washington, D.C.

Many in this country today feel the Constitution is outdated and irrelevant while others, myself included, stand by it as the only authoritative source of how this country is to be governed – period. Any law that attempts to sidestep the Constitution should be null and void. This country is what it is today solely because of the words penned into the Constitution by the Founders. Over the years, many have attempted to pass laws that ignore the words of the Constitution. So far, it has stood the test of time and hopefully will continue to do so in the future.

As for the White House article you forwarded to us, I wouldn’t expect nothing less from the White House than a push-back with their spin statements that fully support Obamacare.

It is my opinion that we, need to take a step back and look at why health care costs are so high, which really is what concerns you.  Rather than treating the symptoms (high insurance costs, high medical costs, and the high cost of prescription drugs) let's first determine the root cause of these problems and then develop solutions for them.  All of those costs are due to government intervention in the entire medical field. Over-regulation by the government is literally strangling us with red-tape and the resulting litigation.

Tort law need to be changed so that the overwhelming number of frivolous lawsuits against doctors is stopped. A friend of mine literally walked away from his medical practice solely because he could not afford the liability insurance premiums he had to pay in order to protect himself from frivolous lawsuits.

Until we get to the root causes of these issues, private industry will not be able to provide us with adequate, reasonable, and cost-effective health care.

 Don McRoberts

Editors Note:  Obamacare is illegal from a Constitutional perspective, as borne out by recent court decisions. It appears the newly seated House of Representatives started off in the right direction when they passed a measure calling for the complete repeal of the 2,500 page health care law .  It is now up to the Senate to deal with the measure which has so far done nothing mainly due to the efforts of the Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid.

This is the point where we citizens must hold our senator's collective feet to the fire by calling or writing them to let them know that we are watching them.  We elected them to represent us in that chamber and if we don't do our part, they will continue to do what they do best...kowtow  to vested interests.  Let them know loudly and frequently that WE are their vested interest.

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