Sunday, March 20, 2011

Stop Same Day Voter Registration!

Two bills are being heard in the Nevada Legislature next week that will greatly weaken our elections process, and that directly violate the Nevada Republican Party Platform, which says under the Citizenship section:

“We oppose same-day registration and voting. We demand proof of U.S. citizenship and residency at the time of registration and authentic government issued photo identification at the time of voting.”

AB108 is a very dangerous bill. It eliminates the deadline to register to vote for an election, and allows same-day registration and voting. This needlessly opens up the electoral process to significant fraud, and allows voters to register and vote without being informed at all on the issues. A voter that has studied the candidates and issues has given enough thought to the process to be able to register by the deadline required under current law. This bill must be defeated in order to maintain the integrity of the election process.
AB108 will have a hearing on Tuesday March 22 at 1:30 PM in the Assembly Committee on Legislative Operations and Elections. The hearing will be held in Room 3142 of the Legislative building, and will be videoconferenced to Room 4406 of the Grant Sawyer Office Building in Las Vegas .

Information on the bill is here:
If you cannot attend the hearing, comments on the bill may be made here:

At this same hearing, AB301 will be heard which makes minor revisions to existing law regarding restoration of voting rights, juror eligibility and ability to hold public office for felons who have either completed their sentences or have been discharged from parole. Existing law adequately covers these provisions, and this new law would create some loopholes and conflicts in the law. For example, the bill states that the state must provide former felons whose rights have been restored with documents verifying this fact, but then adds language to the statutes prohibiting county clerks from requiring the person show them this documentation.

Following is contact information for the members of the committee – please contact these members with your comments if you’re unable to attend the hearing on Tuesday:

Assembly Committee on Legislative Operations and Elections
Chair: Tick Segerblom (D)  775-684-8549
Vice Chair: Lucy Flores (D) 775-684-8583
Member: Marcus Conklin (D)  775-684-8505
Member: Richard (Skip) Daly (D)  775-684-8563
Member: Will iam C. Horne (D)  775-684-8847
Member: Marilyn K. Kirkpatrick (D)  775-684-8509
Member: John Oceguera (D)  775-684-8595
Member: James Ohrenschall (D)  775-684-8819
Member: Debbie Smith (D)  775-684-8841
Member: Pete Goicoechea (R)  775-684-8573
Member: Tom Grady (R)  775-684-8507
Member: Cresent Hardy (R)  775-684-8857
Member: Pat Hickey (R)  775-684-8837
Member: Richard McArthur (R)  775-684-8829
Member: Lynn D. Stewart (R)  775-684-8823

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