Friday, April 8, 2011

The Path to Prosperity: Restoring America's Promise

From the Editorial Board:  This letter was forwarded to the Editorial Board by a person who chooses to remain nameless.  It thanks Congressman Paul Ryan for his Fiscal Budget Resolution and includes links to his television interview on the subject.

Dear Congressman Ryan,

I want to thank you for your strong stand on our budget.  Your recent announcement [The Path To Prosperity] has energized many Americans to think positive; that we may actually save America from our pending fiscal crises.  Your steadfast dedication to common sense and the realistic math of the debt situation is key.  Very few of your counterparts seem to understand what you do; that you do not waste your time with the "media" attacking what you know is right.

As you know sir, this battle will get ugly and painful.  I pray that God will continue giving you and your staff the strength to remain resolute as you work down this path of convincing your counterparts of what is right and necessary for America's fiscal path.

I am not in your district, but felt compelled to thank you in your role as Budget Director.  I'm impressed with your leadership style and will encourage my representative from Nevada, Congressman Dean Heller to work with you.  I will also share these thoughts with my friends and relatives and ask them to remain engaged in the process and support your efforts.


Click here to see the TV interview

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