Sunday, April 21, 2013

URGENT LEGISLATIVE ALERT - Five Minutes and an Email Could Ensure Nevada's Colleges Are Not Safe Zones for Violence

Will you give 5 minutes to help your legislators restore your right of self defense in Nevada? A broad effort is underway to encourage the legislature to revisit AB143 under existing rules. A large amount of feedback from The People is the only thing that will make this work. EVERY email counts and you are an important part of this effort.

Has politics ever made you wonder if your input makes a difference? Have you ever told yourself you'd get involved if you knew it would matter? NOW is that time. Many people are putting in a lot of hours to work this effort and we need your help. Please read this alert and make a real difference.

Assembly Bill 143 (AB143), a conservative approach to ensuring the right of self defense extends onto Nevada college campuses, was summarily killed by Assembly Judiciary Chairman Jason Frierson as he arrogantly stated, “It's the purview of the chair.”

Reliable sources have verified that if a vote were held, that AB143 would pass out of committee. While technically dead for this legislative session, there may be a way to bring the bill back to life.

When Amanda Collins was raped in 2007 at the University of Nevada Reno, it was 300 yards from a campus police station. No campus alerting system, nor the inadequate campus police response time could have saved Ms. Collins, nor will it save your daughter, sister, or wife from being violently attacked in the future.

Nevada statistics clearly show a significant number of sex offenders in our state. You can join us to insist that our elected officials stop providing safe zones for these violent predators to commit their horrific acts. It is immoral to prevent law abiding, properly trained and licensed citizens, from exercising their rights to avoid being victims of violence.

It is obvious that Assemblyman Frierson had no intention of letting the elected representatives of Nevadans exercise the right of the People to be represented by conducting an actual vote. He ensured that Nevada higher education campuses will remain safe hunting grounds for violent offenders. In the 2011 Legislative Session, Assemblyman Horne pulled the exact same arrogant move to kill a similar bill when he was chairman of the Judiciary Committee.

The very core of our federal and state governmental systems are designed to ensure that all people are fairly represented. AB143 had the votes to pass out of committee and Assemblyman Frierson made a personal choice to kill it. More clearly stated, Assemblyman Frierson killed your right to be fairly represented.

We think we have a way to fix this if you'll help us now.

ACTION REQUEST: It is important that we be respectful in pursuing this issue. We're told that Assembly Speaker Marilyn Kirkpatrick may support AB143 and if anyone can bring it back to life, she can. It is her call. Confident, polite, and respectful persuasion should be our approach.

1) Email and/or call Speaker Kirkpatrick's office directly at: or 775-684-8509. Briefly write that you feel AB143 deserves a vote and that you have read that there may be a way to do that. Let her know that you are familiar with this important bill and that you followed the testimony. Ask her to ensure that the representatives of The People are allowed to represent The People with a vote. Use your own words. Near identical emails are disregarded by many legislators as being computer auto-generated.

2) Forward this email to anyone you know that would support AB143 and consider posting it on appropriate online forums and blogs.

3) Email again a day or two later and call if you haven't called already. Research shows that sometimes, it becomes a numbers game to busy legislators. So, don't be afraid to email again with different comments supporting the issue and encourage your friends and relatives to email Speaker Kirkpatrick.

Amanda Collins continues to have the courage to come forward and publicly tell her story of being violently attacked while unable to defend herself due to Nevada laws. To honor her bravery, can we join her, contact Assembly Speaker Kirkpatrick, and encourage her to bring AB143 to a vote? Let's make Nevada a safer place for our mothers, sisters, and daughters.

Please see “ACTION REQUEST” above and take action now and forward this email to your friends!

Copy of Bill as killed:

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