Saturday, June 20, 2015

What they're saying about the tax increase: Carson City

The view from one of our neighboring and sister RCCs.  What do you think?

Statement on Tax Increase Legislation
by Carson City Republican Central Committee Executive Board 

Nevada's 2015 Legislature passed Gov. Sandoval's record setting tax increase including a renamed Margin's Tax after 80% of the voters said "No" to it.  The legislators increased the size of government and scope of its control over our lives.  These actions are contrary to Republican Party principles, platforms, endorsement process, and campaign pledges made by a majority of these legislators.
When elected officials feel free to blatantly contravene the clear, unambiguous voice of the voters of Nevada, we the people must take action.  The Carson City Republican Central Committee Executive Board hereby notifies our elected leadership that we will pursue all options to the fullest extent. 
1)    We support and will circulate a referendum to submit the Governor's budget to a vote of the people so we may repeal the tax increase.
2)    We endorse and will circulate the recall petition for our state senator, Ben Kieckhefer.  We encourage other districts with legislators who voted for the tax increaseto do the same.
3)    We seek a candidate who will uphold Republican principles and our platform to replace our current assemblyman, P.K. O'Neill.
To participate in these actions please call our volunteer line at 775-841-1800, and watch our website for updates.  See the Nevada Republican Party web site for actions being taken by other counties (

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