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We Need Your Help 

To Make America Great Again!

  • SWAMP the Vote Do your part to guarantee we win by more than the Margin of Fraud by casting your vote early and taking responsibility for ensuring every Republican and Trump voter in your household and neighborhood casts theirs too.

  • TAKE BACK our NEVADA State Government

    • PROTECT Governor Lombardo's VETO POWER

    • REVERSE LOSSES we suffered in 2022! 

November 2024 Ballot

No on 3 Nevada, Rank Choice Voting, Close Primary, Open Primary, jungle primary

Fundraiser - Order Tickets

Douglas County NV Nevada Republican Central Committee Harvest Day 2024 Kash Patel

GOTV and Early Voting


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The Douglas County Republican Central Committee
actively promotes “American Exceptionalism."


We provide leadership management of the affairs of the Republican Party in Douglas County, Nevada by encouraging and promoting Republican Party candidates in all levels of government. We work build and maintain an active party organization with solid precinct organization to encourage voters to vote for Republican candidates.

We encourage participation by all residents in political education and activities to promote and defend the Constitutions of the United States of America and the State of Nevada.

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