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NO on 3 Nevada Rank Choice Voting

Rank Choice Voting

Message from the DCRCC Chairman:

Nevada’s “Top Five Ranked Choice Voting Initiative”, Question 3 is on the ballot this fall. It will hurt ALL POLITICAL PARTIES and do nothing for non-partisans. FOLLOW THE MONEY! This question was originated and is being pushed in multiple states by special interest billionaires from OUTSIDE Nevada.  


Given Nevada’s Same Day Registration rules, non-partisans already can register to vote in closed primaries right at their polling place and then change back immediately after, so this proposition does nothing to expand their ability to vote. It would, however, dramatically alter HOW primary elections are run and DICTATE to all political parties that they cannot choose their own candidates, but rather must allow any voter, WITH NO CONNECTION TO THE PARTY, to pick their nominees.  The unintended consequences of such primaries are exactly why Alaska is trying to repeal their law after just one election cycle.  

Unfortunately, Nevada doesn’t have the luxury to simply repeal it once voters see what a mess it truly is. In Nevada, this ballot question is for a CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT.  This means there is NO TURNING BACK in several years when we say “Oops! This was a mistake!”  Ballot Question 3 seeks to REPLACE Nevada’s traditional primary system with California-style “jungle” primaries.  These are very different from the present Silver State setup, where only registered voters are allowed to cast ballots in their party’s primary.

This initiative would require voters to select from all candidates in a single primary, regardless of party affiliation. Not only could Democrats vote for Republicans and Republicans for Democrats, but implementation of ranked choice would be so convoluted that NO ONE would likely believe the ballot results, and the Secretary Of State could never prove the results of a computer algorithm to voters who are already leery of the State’s voting system.  


In Nevada, races are often decided by a handful of votes; how could a recount even be done?  TRUST is an issue that will not go away, and Ballot Question 3 will only make it worse, not better.  Don’t allow outsider influence and money to destroy our precious voting system.  Together, let’s make Nevada better and restore trust in our elections.  VOTE NO ON 3 !!!



1507 Hwy 395 N. Suite B, Gardnerville, NV 89410


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