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November 2022 Election Republican Candidates

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

Vote your Republican slate to repair the extensive damage caused by four years of Sisolak and a Democrat legislature. They've worked hard to destroy our economy and take away our freedoms, but we can stop the downward spiral in November and Make Nevada Great Again!

Your Republican Candidates:

U.S. Senate: Adam Laxalt

U.S House of Representatives: Mark Amodei (Incumbent)

Governor: Joe Lombardo

Lieutenant Governor: Stavros Anthony

Attorney General: Sigal Chattah

Secretary of State: Jim Marchant

Treasurer: Michele Fiore

Controller: Andy Matthews

Nevada Senate District 17: Robin Titus

Nevada Assembly District 39: Ken Gray

Your Douglas Republicans conducted a thorough vetting and endorsing process. We recommend three unanimously endorsed candidates for Douglas County school board. See the details here:

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