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Executive Board

The Executive Board is as the governing body of the Central Committee. They transact any necessary business on behalf of the Central Committee that must be completed prior to the next regular meeting of the Central Committee. The Board also makes recommendations to the Central Committee regarding policies.

Bolinger, Bob
Bolinger, Jerri
DeGraffenreid, Jim
DeGraffenreid, Theresa
Dew, Tom
Freixas, Janet
Lacy, Elinor
Labit, Michael
McKalip, James
Meehan, Shawn
Nisse, Virginia

Pelz, Dale
Rice, Eileen
Rice, Wes
Robertson, Brenda
Ruisi, Joseph
Schloss, Philip
Schwabe, Richard
Shafer, June

Starrett, Virginia

Tanner, Donna

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